Get your Umbrella for the Day. I’ve got you covered!

Get dedicated, one-on-one, graphic design services for an entire day.

Let’s weather the storm…. together.

logo and print design Surrey BC

Why you need to book a design day:

So many things to do: That list of small design projects just seems to keep growing and you just want to get them done.

Nothing too small: I can work on variety of design projects and get through those tiny projects you’ve been hoping to get done. No design task will be too small for me to complete.

I’ll only have eyes for you: Instant availability from me all day. I will provide you access to a Slack channel where you can directly message or huddle with me any time through the day.

On second thought: No limit on how many rounds of revisions you need. Normally I limit of how many rounds of revision I provide, but not this time! Change it as many times as you need until the day is done.


(9 hours, includes 1 hour of your review time and a break)

Been saving for a rainy day? Projects we can work on.

Canva Option:

Some projects can be designed in Canva, in order for you or your team to make future edits. Must be asked ahead of time in order to ensure it’s a suitable project for Canva.

logo and print design Surrey BC

Marketing Materials:

Business Cards; Stationary; Postcard; Brochure; Flyer; Signage/Banners; Report Covers; Booksmarks; Notepads; Stickers


(wordpress only)

  • Simple, new website: Max 3 pages designed and built for desktop and mobile use. No added functionalities beyond contact form.
  • Landing page design, built in wordpress (one page only).
  • Edits to current website
  • Update graphics or headers in current website

Social Media:

Up to 10 social media templates for future posting, built in Canva, formatted for Facebook and Instagram posts; Updated headers or profile images.

Branding Refresh:

(must have an existing logo)

  • Refreshing and updating of current logo, but not a new logo concept.
  • Develop more comprehensive brand elements to go with existing logo (ie. Fonts, colours, secondary colours, patterns, textures).

Presentations & Reports:

  • Up to 10 templated slides designed in PPT/Canva
  • Up to 10 slides design WITH content designed WITH content provided
  • Reports (will have a maximum of pages)
  • Internal documents that require layout and branding
logo and print design Surrey BC

Make it rain. What’s included when you get in a design day.

web design Surrey

No one else but you

My undivided attention to your projects for a 9-hour day (8 hours of my time + 1 hour of your time for reviewing and a break)

Strategy call

45-minute strategy call before your day. We will discuss the types of projects you need completed and how much we can accomplish for the day.

Pre-day preparation

You’ll be given a checklist to gather what’s asked specifically for your projects.

Virtual access all day

I will set up a online messaging channel via Slack, providing direct contact with me all day.

Finalized files & assets

Once the day is complete, you will receive a link to dropbox folder with all the files, print-ready or for digital use only, that have be completed in that day. Organized and labelled clearly.

1 hour of extra coverage

You will get 1 hour post-Day support for any small fixes required on any of the projects we worked on.


(9 hours, includes 1 hour of your review time and a break)

Clear skies ahead!

I get to spend the whole day with you! Focused, driven, efficient and whipping through the work. Avoiding the back and forth emails over days or week. I’ll be devoted to you—no one else will matter for those 9 hours. What more can you ask for?