UMBRELLA SQUARED DESIGN GROUP was born January 1, 2016 from the creative minds of Kristy Hill and Shelley DeWit. Entrepreneurs to the core, Shelley and Kristy want to help others stand-out and succeed in today’s market. Winner of the 2017 Cloverdale New Business of the Year Award – “The Clovies”, their strategy is simple: Love what you do, give it your all, and surround yourself with people whose integrity and sincerity are a reflection of your own. And have fun, always have fun.

Creative Lead, Artsy-Fartsy Gal

Kristy has two loves, graphic design and writing. As a child, not a day went by where she wasn’t drawing, writing a poem, painting a picture or writing a story. Kristy’s combined experience in communications, public relations and graphic design allows her to take a balanced approach to her work.

Client Services, Graphic Design

Part diplomat, part entrepreneur, Shelley’s background in project management, marketing, and graphic design allows her a unique perspective. She understands the practical needs of a business or organization, but she’s also a visual communicator who appreciates well-designed sales and marketing material.

KYLE RUMBLE – Web Developer
Having built thousands of websites, Kyle knows what works and what doesn’t – and Kyle can make anything work.

LIN & LEON – Photographers
Originally trained in journalism, Lin and Leon love a good story and use their skills to tell its essence.


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